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They have a graceful appearance which looks stunning against the sleek industrial design of the picket fence. The best part is that they are easy to care for. Looking to add a rustic chic decor to your home? Why not start with the entrance. Distressed wood wood that looks aged , is one of the most popular trends in home design today. The cost of such projects is very low and can be done using just sandpaper.

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Take a look at this simple yet stunning fence. While symmetric fences are comforting to look at, they might get too predictable for some. They also look really unnatural. Asymmetrical fences like the one featured above keep things interesting.

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They carry a kind of playful and exciting vibe. Color plays a huge role in how we perceive things. Just changing the color of your fence to black takes it from great to WOW.

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Take some inspiration and paint your fence black. This is a fence that was made to stand out. White picket fences have been a part of American culture since the colonial times. Why not go with the classic? Repeating patterns have a way of enchanting us. Fractals are often used in architecture to create some really interesting pieces.

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Before advertising popularized picket fences as a suburban ideal. They were used in farms to keep animals from getting away. Although picket fences have their roots in the countryside, they were quickly adopted all over America. Today a white picket fence house is as American as the super bowl. As the fence spread through American each region added their own unique culture to it. This spiked picket fence design uses influences from Southern culture.

Durable and Stunning! You cannot go wrong with the double bar fence. The extra horizontal bar adds to the stability of the fence and making it more durable than your usual picket fence. One of the key concepts of modern minimalistic design is being present without being obtrusive. This is what the Alton style fence gives you. This style is sturdy, easy to manage and economical. Taken from a small village in New Zealand. This image of a sterile white fence against the rich red train cabin looks too good to be true.

Although you might not have a train cabin in your front yard to re-create this image. You can take cues from this idea by matching your white of your picket fence against a bright background. Relieve the nostalgia of southern style chicken and a walk on the beach. The Pacific diamond style fence finds its roots in Jacksonville where it was first used at beach houses. One of the coolest advantages of the Pacific diamond fence style design is that you can adjust its height as needed.

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He knew what they were like and he wasn't buying it. It's no surprise that we meet his greatest creation, Rabbit Angstrom, running from its suburban incarnation. Philip Roth's first success, Goodbye, Columbus, had the hero, lower-middle-class Neil Klugman, still living in Newark, crushed by upper-middle-class suburban Jewish princess Brenda Patimkin. John Cheever and Norman Mailer ripped the white picket fence apart.

Joseph Heller's difficult masterpiece Something Happened is a dissection of the anxieties of white picket fence land — and the office job you have to take to pay the mortgage there. And it wasn't just men. Grace Metalious exposed its sexual hypocrisy in the bestselling Peyton Place. Sylvia Plath ran all the way to England and Ted Hughes's arms, but the Smith girl from suburban Boston never escaped its tentacles. There were no hedge fund managers in East Hampton when Jackson Pollock moved there after the war, just potato farmers and the remnants of a few gilded age families.

The violent energy of his abstract canvasses are an intentional assault on the well-made, middle-class nostalgia of Rockwell.

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Mark Rothko hoped his murals for the Four Seasons, that restaurant for the aspirational middle-class, and those already rich, would "ruin the appetite of every son-of-a-bitch who ever eats in that room". There are many reasons for these artists' opposition to the middle-class dream. They had been children in the Depression or earlier, and had seen the "dream" disappear once before.

Some had been shot at for real during the war and seen friends die.

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That's a serious price to pay for a house in the suburbs. All had grown up reading the foundation text of American modern literature, Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio , a brilliant sequence of stories about the darkness inside the white picket fences of a small Ohio town in the early 20th century. They had also read Sinclair Lewis's novels about the hypocrisies of Main Street.

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They understood that the advertising business was capitalism's version of Orwell's ministry of truth and the "middle-class dream" was no more than an ad campaign on behalf of the powers that be. The golden age of the American middle class came to an end with the counter-culture. From a distance of nearly 50 years it is possible to see that Dylan, and the other bands, the new writing and filmmaking, were an extension into different media of the criticism of white picket fence land.

The falseness of the dream, for them, was revealed by the distance between the world of white picket fence sitcom that the postwar generation grew up watching in their newly built suburbs, and the reality of a nation where progressive politicians and civil rights workers got murdered and cities went up in flames every summer. Coda: today, economic security is something those under 20 cannot conceive of, like life before the internet.

The one cultural continuity from that time when anyone could find a job and become middle-class is the sitcom. It has changed of course, there are no more white picket fences, there are gay parents and broken straight families, African Americans do not just serve dinner and dispense wisdom in the shows.