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From the Hansard archive. He was tiptoeing away from monetarism, and was trying to smuggle in improvement past mummy like a naughty boy who has brought in some sweets. I want to take further his analogy of the dead body with all of us tiptoeing around not knowing quite what to do with it.

He tiptoed away from the whole question of a decommissioning policy. However, it is wrong that a merger can go through quietly, on tiptoes, secretly, without those who are mainly concerned in the firm being brought into the discussions. He tiptoed round the course with great delicacy, but it appears that the old rate support grant system, with all its crudity, unfairness and across-the-board treatment, had certain attractions.

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There the post-prandial speaker went on at interminable length until the audience tiptoed out of the room one by one, leaving a solitary guest at the end of the table. Classical form elongates itself, shimmers, rises on tip-toe; it glides, it loses substance, becomes idealised.

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From Wikipedia. You were aquaplaning all the time and you were tip-toeing almost. They turn off their torches and creep about on tiptoe in search of large crickets, following their chirping. From Cambridge English Corpus. Patients present with an unsteady gait - usually walking on tiptoe - and with an increasing difficulty in manipulating small objects.

The fly is very unhappy about being stuck on the paper and thus wraps the coyote with it, who tiptoes away from the scene. A student, however, told the detectives that according to his view the impressions were made by barefoot boys walking on tip-toe. He was playing like a circus tight-rope walker; he's on his tiptoes on the roof peak!

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